Global Settings: Conversations

Conversations are a great way to breathe life into characters and advance a storyline. Below is a summary of the Conversations editor.

The Structure of a Conversation

In the Tenterhook world, a conversation is a collection of branches and leaves. Branches are collections of conversation options (the "leaves") that are available for selection. An option/leaf is a question or comment that the active character can speak.

When a conversation starts between two characters, default-branch is always the starting point. Depending on the option ("leaf") that is selected by the player, the conversation may progress to other branches.

The Power of a Leaf

You'll notice in the screenshot above that a leaf comes with many options. When the player selects a particular leaf you can execute a script, set or clear flags, jump to another branch, and/or display a default response. You can even control the visibility of a leaf based on who the active character is and/or which flags the active character has.

Important Note

Conversations can only be triggered in two ways:

  1. Executing a scenario that combines the Talk to command and a specific target.
  2. Triggering a script which contains a ToggleConversation action.

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