The next phase of Tenterhook

Behold, the next phase is nigh!

In 2015 I started planning a platform for creating point-and-click adventures. Even in the early stages I knew it'd need to:

  1. Enable the creation of apps/adventures using only a browser, and
  2. Provide a way to extend those apps to other platforms/devices.

To convey it with a simple visual:

Tenterhook Mobile

The second phase is ambitious and I'm about to dive into the world of Xamarin. I'm targeting Android for starters, and if all goes well I'll explore the feasibility of iOS.

How would it all work?

I haven't sorted it all out yet, but this is a general outline of how I see it unfolding:

  1. Create an app at (already available)
  2. Create a new project in Visual Studio [Code].
  3. Install a package with Tenterhook core functionality/dependencies. A Yeoman-generated project might also be a possibility.
  4. Copy the audio/visual assets into a specific project folder, tweak the app/author metadata, and ship it.

Extending apps from the web to Android should be friction-free and require no custom code/assets. It should all "just work."

When is this happening?

I'll post (brutally honest) updates along the way, but my tentative target for Android support is September 2018.