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Better days ahead

Tenterhook was a fun project that taught me so much. Now that I'm equipped with so many lessons, I will build an even better platform that's more flexible, more scalable, and easier to use.

Keep an eye out at for more details over the next few months!

Build adventures right in your browser.

No need to install any plug-ins or software! Tenterhook Studio is a web-based platform for building point-and-click adventures with all the features you'd expect:

  • Interactive visuals and items
  • Characters and animations
  • Pathfinding and trigger zones
  • Scripts with actions and tests
  • Branching conversations
  • Sounds and storyboards
  • Customizable verbs/commands
  • Built-in load/save game support
  • ... and much more!
Bring your characters to life.

Need to add some flavor to your characters by having them blink, shrug, or wave? Good news! You can define animations that are randomly executed and/or triggered by scripts.

Want your characters to switch outfits at any given time? Not a problem, each character can have multiple spritesheets.

Need your characters to change their scale, appearance, and/or speed based on the active scene? You're in luck, the scripting engine can change a character's properties based on any number of conditions.

Build complex scenes with easy-to-use editors.

No programming knowledge is required in the Tenterhook world. Powerful and intuitive editors help you control every aspect of a scene:

  • "Paint" the walkable paths
  • Auto-scale the viewport to fit
  • Scroll the scene horizontally
  • Designate exits and script triggers
  • Set default positions for characters
  • Run a script on scene startup
  • Control the fade in/out behavior
  • Add "flavor" storyboards and sounds
  • ... and more!